Composite Strapping supplier Australia

Published 19th June 2017

Composite Strapping supplier Australia

Where can I buy Composite Strapping in Australia? A simple question with an answer that needs to be carefully considered!

The key things to consider when purchasing composite strap:

1) Quality: Where is the strap manufactured – Ask this simple question to your current or potential supplier

2) Certification: Consider the cost of damaged goods or an incident on our road, rail or sea network. Ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

3) Try before you buy: The best and safest bet! Ask your supplier either for a demo or free sample pack. Here at X-Pak we offer all 3!

4) Availability: X-Pak is a strapping specialist. We live & breathe strapping all day, every day. Check if your supplier supplies a full range of strapping or its ‘just another ‘add-on’


At X-Pak we supply industry leading composite strapping and buckles Australia wide. Call one of our team today for a free sample or demo!