Protecting Darrell Lea’s Exported Food Products

Darrell Lea, a renowned exporter of premium food products, faced a persistent challenge: significant product damage and associated costs due to voids within their export containers. In response to this pressing issue, X-Pak Global introduced a comprehensive solution leveraging Dunnage Bags and a Portable Inflation Unit (PAM unit). This initiative aimed to enhance warehouse safety, improve time efficiency, and eliminate product damage during transit.

Prior to implementing X-Pak’s solution, Darrell Lea lacked effective load restraint mechanisms in their containers, leading to gaps between pallets, the last row, and container doors. Consequently, numerous shipments arrived at destinations worldwide with damaged products, incurring substantial costs for the company. Repacking damaged goods at client warehouses or providing reimbursements further added to the overall supply chain expenses.

Identifying the Issue

After conducting a thorough analysis of Darrell Lea’s operations through multiple site visits, it was determined that improvements were necessary in their container packing processes and the implementation of a load securing system. This was essential in ensuring that their products arrived at their destinations damage free

The Proposed Solution

X-Pak’s solution centred on the deployment of 120 x 210cm Dunnage Bags alongside a Portable Inflation Unit (PAM unit). These Dunnage Bags effectively filled voids within containers, minimising product movement and preventing damage. With an average gross weight of 500kg per pallet, the Dunnage Bags provided optimal support and stability during transit.

The process

After placing goods inside the container, 1 dunnage bag is between the 2 pallets, ensuring a maximum amount of surface area of the dunnage bags and the pallet is touching. For double height pallets, we suggested a 120cm x 210cm woven dunnage bag. Any voids between 50mm and 400mm can be effectively filled using these bags to prevent load shift and product movement.

Dunnage bag in use to fill void in between pallets

Using the portable inflation unit, the bags are inflated far more quickly than using a traditional air compressor. The portable inflator is geared to correctly inflate the dunnage bag to the ideal working pressure for load stability.

Dunnage Bag being inflated with a portable inflation unit
Time and Manpower UsedConsumables Used

– 1 worker

– No prep time required

– Total Time spent: Approx. 2 minutes

– 2 to 3 120x210cm dunnage bags per container

Major Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety: Ensures safety for both users and recipients.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to deploy and quick to install, requiring minimal manpower.
  • Efficiency: Significantly reduces time and costs associated with product damage and repacking.
  • Cost-Effective: With an expenditure of less than $30 per container, it offers unparalleled value.
  • Reduced Damage: Minimises product damage during transit, preserving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Darrell Lea’s adoption of X-Pak’s Dunnage Bags and Portable Inflation Unit revolutionised their container packing processes, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of their food products. By prioritising product protection and operational efficiency, Darrell Lea positioned themselves for sustained success in the competitive food and beverage export market.

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