How implementing the X-Pak composite strapping solution resulted in the following:

  • Increased safety within the warehouse
  • Improved time efficiency
  • A superior strength strapping system

Identifying the Issue

Metal Tech Industries, a leading player in the manufacturing sector, faced significant challenges with their existing strapping solution. Their previous strapping system raised multiple red flags. The utilisation of 19mm steel strapping, accompanied by steel strapping seals and a combination of three tools for crimping, tensioning, and cutting, posed various safety and efficiency concerns.

The use of steel strapping not only posed safety risks due to its sharp edges and potential recoil but also prolonged the strapping process, requiring the use of three separate tools. Moreover, the steel strapping was causing damage to the powder-coated or polished products, leading to scratches and potential rust marks if exposed to adverse weather conditions.

These issues prompted Metal Tech Industries to seek a superior alternative that could ensure increased safety, time efficiency, and product protection.

The Proposed Solution

We recommended to utilise the 19mm X-Pak Strapping system which uses a galvanized buckle and one tool to both tension and cut the strapping; no crimper is required.

The switch to composite strapping was recommended to bring transformative benefits across various aspects of their operations.

Load details:

  • Materials to secure: Polished or powder-coated sheet metal
  • Gross weight: approx. 200 – 800kg
  • Mode of transport: Truck

The Process

After placing the goods onto the pallet, strap using the X-Pak 19mm composite strapping and galvanised buckles. The system strength is 864kg so typically for a pallet weight of up to 800kg, two straps are used to safely secure the goods to the pallet.

  • # X-Pak Strapping used to secure one pallet: Approx 6 metres.
  • # buckles used: 2 buckles.
Time and Manpower UsedConsumables Used

– 1 worker

– No prep time required

– Total Time spent: 3 minutes

– 6 meters of 19mm composite strapping
(system strength 864kg), 2 x 19mm galvanised buckles.

-To tension and cut the strapping, one standard tensioner was used.

Immediate Results

Increased Safety: X-Pak’s composite strapping eliminated the safety hazards associated with steel strapping, thanks to its smooth edges and minimal recoil. This significantly enhanced the safety standards within Metal Tech Industries’ warehouse, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Improved Time Efficiency: The adoption of X-Pak’s composite strapping streamlined the strapping process, eliminating the need for multiple tools. Metal Tech Industries experienced a notable reduction in strapping time, allowing them to optimise their operational efficiency and meet tight deadlines with ease.

Superior Strength and Product Protection: X-Pak’s composite strapping offered superior strength and durability, ensuring robust protection for Metal Tech Industries’ products during transit and storage. The smooth surface of the composite strap prevented scratches and damage to the powder-coated or polished surfaces, preserving their products.

Steel Vs Composite Strap Comparison

Previous MethodX-Pak Method

– Prep work – PPE

– Risk of harm to operators

– Three tools used

-Straps were coming off during transport

-Products were marked from the straps

– No PPE required

– Stronger than steel straps

– Safer (no cuts to operators)

– Cheaper than steel strapping

– One tool used

Metal-Tech Industries Feedback

The company was highly impressed by X-Pak strapping’s combination of safety and user-friendliness. They found the strapping easy to handle, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring smooth operations in their warehouse. Moreover, they were pleasantly surprised by the speed at which they could apply the strapping, enhancing their overall efficiency.

Equally noteworthy was the positive feedback from their customers who received the goods. They appreciated the added peace of mind knowing that the straps could be safely cut without fear of recoil. This not only streamlined their unloading process but also demonstrated Metal Tech Industries’ commitment to delivering quality products with enhanced safety measures.

“Easy and simple to secure the load. X-Pak strapping is our go-to strap when securing loads.” – Ben

Find Your Solution With X-Pak

Metal Tech Industries’ decision to implement X-Pak’s composite strapping solution yielded remarkable results across the board. Not only did they achieve increased safety and time efficiency within their warehouse operations, but they also benefited from a superior strapping system that provided unparalleled product protection. By partnering with X-Pak, Metal Tech Industries successfully addressed their strapping challenges and positioned themselves for sustained growth and success in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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