Flat racks are often used to transport large, heavy, and irregularly shaped loads. However, while flat racks are inherently versatile, allowing for all loads, they do, unfortunately, mean that the cargo will be subjected to extreme elements during transit. 

When transported in the open air, cargo secured on flat racks is at significant risk of coming loose. Therefore, it is essential to use proper lashing for flat racks and ensure that your shipment is secured correctly. Lashing can ensure that the cargo is restrained so that no movement can occur during transit. 

Strong Flexible Material  

Made from high-quality, woven polyester fibers, Cargo-Lash is extremely strong. The material is flexible and easy to maneuver when securing items to flat racks. Lashing straps can absorb sudden shocks, making them more durable and safer to use for transit. 

Cargo Lash on Aluminium Poles

Weather Resistant 

Lashing straps, made of polyester webbing, are highly durable and can withstand weather conditions. They do not perish under UV rays, like many materials do, and are moisture resistant. This makes them perfect for use in situations such as flat racks, where they will be exposed to the elements throughout the journey. 

Tension Retentive 

Nothing is more unsafe than cargo restraints that lose their tension mid-use. When this happens, cargo becomes loose and runs the risk of falling or shifting, which can cause injury or death ‒ not to mention property damage.

Because lashing straps are made from polyester webbing, they have a low elongation factor and can retain that property indefinitely. This means they are excellent for keeping loads secured tightly without losing tension and coming loose.

Easy And Versatile

Lashing straps themselves are extremely easy to use and require very little training. However, knowing how to apply them to different types of loads takes experience. They are extremely versatile and can secure just about any awkward size or shaped goods.


Lashing straps are a cheaper alternative to other load restraint solutions because they are reusable, lightweight, and low-cost. These straps are an ideal way to protect your cargo without breaking the bank every time you have to transport something.

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