Poly composite strapping is the tough-as-nails synthetic strapping option you need to secure loads during transit.

This strapping, made from high-tensile polyester yarn and then coated in a polymer to produce a robust and flexible strap, is also known as synthetic steel owing to its comparable strength.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using poly composite strapping.

Cost Effective

Plastic is one of the most affordable materials in the world as it is easy to manufacture and make into a variety of valuable products.

Because poly composite strapping is made from plastic polymers, they are a very cost-effective option. They are certainly cheaper than steel strapping whilst being equally effective in strength.

Weather Resistant

Thanks to the plastic polymer construction of poly composite strapping, the finished product is highly resistant to weathering. Unlike steel strapping, poly composite strapping will not rust if it gets wet and will not perish or grow hot when exposed to sunlight’s UV rays. It will retain its structural integrity despite being subjected to various environmental stresses.

This makes poly composite strapping ideal for use when the cargo might be exposed to the elements or needs to stay in storage for an extended period. In situations such as these, this kind of strapping is highly dependable.

Flexible And Safe

Poly composite strapping is also highly flexible and exhibits a degree of elasticity, making it possible to tension very well, resulting in a more secure load.

This kind of strapping is safe to secure various products because there is less probability of it causing damage to the secured cargo. Unlike steel strapping, poly composite strapping is soft enough that it won’t strip the paint of the product it is holding down. Moreover, its plastic polymer constitution means that it has nonslip qualities and will keep in place exceptionally well.

It is also safe for personnel because the soft edges mean it’s more difficult to get cut than with steel strapping.

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