Advantages that Make Steel the Premier Material for Your Strapping Needs

Published 26th January 2018

Advantages that Make Steel the Premier Material for Your Strapping Needs

Steel is an incredibly strong and versatile material. A simple steel hinge on a door can support about 70-kg without sagging, bending or breaking. It is also one of the most sustainable materials in the world: approximately 88 percent of the steel we use is recycled. The durability of steel has also improved over time because of the market’s demand for the material in various applications, from robotic engineering to construction.

Steel strapping is one of the most brilliant uses for alloy. For many years, steel strapping has been the industry standard for heavy-duty requirements, particularly for securing cargo. The steel strap holds an object in place to prevent movement during transport.

Despite the number of alternatives that have emerged over the years, steel strapping remains the premier material of choice. Here’s why.

Excellent Resistance to Heat and Humidity

The performance of many strapping materials suffers when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. Steel banding, however, maintains its quality in both heat and humidity better than any kind of strapping. Because of the alloy’s higher melting point, it’s virtually invulnerable to environmental factors.

Durability and Outstanding Break Strength

In terms of break strength, steel exceeds many other types of strapping. Steel strapping is ideal for applications that involve heavy loads, rough handling or sharp edges. In cases where cargo needs to be transferred numerous times during the transport process, a material like steel is required to withstand the force or pressure placed on the cargo.

Tension and Elongation

In cargo transport, tension comes into play. When strapping is tightened, the material stretches and elongates. If the strapping, however, lengthens and fails to return to its original shape, you put the security of the cargo at risk. Other flimsy materials snap when used for heavy objects. With steel banding, although it has a low elongation, you can expect high amounts of tension, making them the most reliable option for your cargo requirements.


As mentioned previously, steel is a sustainable material. This makes steel strapping beneficial for the environment as well. Its longevity minimises the waste that goes to landfills. Steel strapping can also be recycled in the future. For businesses that are adamant about reducing their environmental impact, steel strapping is the most viable choice.

From heat resistance, durability to sustainability, the advantages of steel make it the leading material for your strapping needs.

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