Whenever a business is dealing with freight, the challenge is keeping items securely packed and separated from one another. Dunage bags are known within the transit industry for offering exceptional value and are more affordable than alternative products previously used for load security.

Some companies within the Australian market are still using the old practice of timber or plastic pallets to fill gaps in containers but are moving away from this. Whilst this serves to fill some of the voids, it doesn’t protect cargo like a dunnage bag, which places pressure on the load to prevent movement properly.

Below outlines seven reasons why Dunnage Bags are the leading solution for cargo load protection.

1. Easy to Use

Dunnage bags are simple to use. They inflate to the exact width of a void, providing maximum cargo securement. They’re also lighter compared to and not as time-consuming to set up.

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2. Durable and Tough

A Dunnage Bag is engineered from rugged, Poly-woven polypropylene with reinforced corners; they will not stiffen or crack from the stresses of constant motion. They are water-resistant and will not rust or corrode. They have outstanding load stabilising capacity and withstand extreme resistance and pressure from load shifting.

3. Reusable (Environmentally friendly)

The advantage of business’s using dunnage bags is that they are reusable. They can deflate and store for the next transit. The benefit of reusing dunnage bags are twofold – they are essential for the environment by reducing waste and positive for your bottom line.

4. Customisable

A business can completely customise the size of the dunnage bag required, tailored specifically for the load being transported.

5. Cost-Effective

Dunnage airbags are the more affordable alternative for blocking and bracing compared to other products. And as previously mentioned, being reusable all adds to why they are one the most cost-effective product out in the market.

6. Preserves Business Brand

Investment in security measures to protect products during transit will increase the percentage of positive customer experiences with a business that promotes its brand’s integrity and reliability.

7. Versatile

Road – Dunnage bags decrease cargo damage due to side to side, front to back, and vertical damage

Rail –  Shock absorption is increased when loads are protected by dunnage bags and act as a cushion from sudden movements and railcar ‘shunting’.

Sea – During container travel via sea, dunnage bags prevents loads from sliding due to the roll and sway movement of the sea.

An Industry Solution

The above benefits apply to various industries, but in particular to the Food and Beverage Industry.

The Australian food and beverage industry is the nation’s largest manufacturing section. As of 2019, it accounted for 32% of Australia’s production turnover.

One of the industries main challenges is the disruption of supply chains. Recent global events have increased the unpredictability of logistical availability and shipping time frames. Internationally-sourced produce is taking longer than average to arrive with forced factory closures, port lockdowns, reduction in flights and delayed container shipping.

With cargo loads contained in extended shipping time frames, the risk of product damage increases. Using a cargo inflation system, like Dunnage bags, ensures the cargo shipment remains in good condition, irrespective of the duration of transport.

Dunnage bags are the single most important long-term investment a business can make for freight transits needs. They are also an excellent choice for cargo, both on land and at sea, year after year. Dunnage bags are worth their weight in gold when it comes to preserving your load and keeping it safe.

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